Urban Habitat.

Ein Fotoessay über Menschen und ihre Lebensräume in Amsterdam

I waited 2-3 years to get in this housing.

In this housing I only sleep and eat.

Kill the Child, let the man be born.

A pretense of freedom, a false dream … But actually a step to maturatie

Here are too man fishes in the same sea. 

Two years ago I came to Amsterdam because Aruba is too dangerous. When I saw the the
trees without leaves I thought this cant be a good place. But then i learned that here are 4seasons.

It’s a pity that people change, they don’t care about each other anymore.

Hope will kill you.

I love Zuid-Oost. The people don’t pretend to be so special.

Fucking hipsters!

Smile to your enemy.

Crappy Amsterdam. They criminalize everthing, it was a city of freedom.
I am from the norwegian Mountains. I am angry with this city. I lived in Slangenpad since summer 2002 until 6weeks ago.

We are right, they are wrong! deprayed by moneymakers, broken, corrupted, cultural rape, moral decay


all thanks to:

Ryan, Thom, Jelle, Salim, Noelle, Claudia, Johnny, Gagan, Jozeph, Kim, Kwane, Irie, Vince, Oguz, Jesse, Kevin & Liv !!! 

H-Buurt/Bijmer – Künstlerhaus im „Ghetto von Amsterdam“

NSDM Werft – Studentencontainercomplex

„De Slang“  Spuistraat 199 – ehemaliges besetztes Haus